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Lunch Program Spotlight - Warren Majengo Foundation

On a nice sunny day in Warren, 11 Kiwanians and our guest speaker Emily Onuffer, Program and Development Director of the Warren Majengo Foundation, attended lunch.

Warren Majengo Foundation was started in 2009 in collaboration with the McKissock family. The foundation operates and supports the Majengo Children’s Home in Tanzania which provides stability, security, and support for children in their care by offering good nutrition, medical services, clothing, and education.

Since their inception in 2009 Majengo has added solar energy, new plumbing, and a fourth house to the complex among other things. In 2017 the first group of students graduated from the Majengo Children’s Home.

In 2019 they’ll be looking to add a transition home for those who are technically “too old” for foster care in Tanzania but don’t have another option available for housing.

Many thanks to Emily for telling us about Majengo!

Pictured are Emily and Kiwanis President-Elect Rocco DelPrince.

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