Blood Screening Signup Information

Updated: Sep 7

Please read carefully!

If you are a Northwest Bank employee, please request your Northwest Employee Voucher and sign up for the Blood Screening here.

If you are a member of a Kiwanis Club in the Pennsylvania District, Division 1, please sign up for the Blood Screening here.

For everyone else, please sign up here.

Check in at Warren General Hospital, Entrance B (Crescent Park near helipad -- NOT the lab!!) a few minutes prior to your appointment. Remember to wear a mask covering your nose and mouth. Fast for 12 hours before your appointment for an accurate fasting glucose reading; you may drink water and take any prescribed medications as you normally would. You may cancel (with full refund issued) or reschedule your appointment for any reason if you call us before your appointment at (814) 406-9072 and leave a voicemail. Refunds will not be issued if you contact us after a missed appointment.

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